Ball Screw Support Bearing

NIBC’s 60° precision angular contact ball bearings are used for machine tools or machines requiring the highest levels of precision, speed, rigidity and lower levels of friction. NIBC's Ball Screw Support Bearings are easy to assemble, have increased bearing life, the option of lifetime lubrication or circulating oil lubrication, as sometimes employed for driven ball screw nuts are other features which should be adjusted to match each other optimally. Next to the open 60° bearings, several sizes are manufactured with a non-contact rubber seal at both ends.

High axial loads

Angular Contact Ball Bearings with small contact angles of 15°, 25° mainly absorb radial loads and only qualify for low axial loads.

The ratio is different in case of 60° super precision angular contact thrust ball bearings because the axial load is to be predominated here.

Different preloads

Depending on the required rotational speeds and rigidity, it is possible to choose between light, medium and heavy preload.

The units are available as standard, duplex and quadruplex units with lifetime lubrication in open and sealed variants.

NIBC bearings also available in sealed variants as an option.

Ball Screw Support Bearings

Some of the advantages of the NIBC Ball Screw Support bearings include 

  • Features:

    1 High Axial Rigidity
    Greater number of balls with polyamide cage provides increased rigidity

  • 2 Compact Design 

  • The 60° contact angle allows the bearing to carry thrust load & some amount of radial load. This allows to have a compact design.
  • 3. Low Noise

    Due to high quality of surface roughness achieved on the races combined with polyamide cage allows the bearings to have a Low Noise.

    4 Ease of Assembly

    • Initial preloading of bearing provides ease of assembly without any adjustment

    5 Pre packed grease

    • The bearings are packed with a measured quantity of grease, so that the bearings can be installed out of the box